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Before Zach Stevens entered the tattoo industry in 2012, he studied fine arts for 4 years covering an array of mediums including sketching, painting, sculpting, traditional & digital photography, as well as photoshop, adobe illustrator, & web design. Having this wide variety of training and expertise in all mediums of art allows Zach to create custom tattoo designs by hand for his clients, and also allows him to be his own graphic designer. He creates all of his own logos, ads, and has even built this very website from scratch himself. 

Zach loves to make use of all of his talents, and on the side of tattooing, has created custom logos & ads for many different businesses & entities not only in Camrose, but across Canada and the United States. Zach has even helped other independent business owners get their businesses off the ground and running with his experience in running his own business for more than a decade.

Featured below are examples of Zach's custom made logos, ads, and graphic designs. 

Contact Zach at Rebel Ink today to receive a quote on a custom logo or ad  for your business or event today! 

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